Monday, December 7, 2009

Newton's First Law

In physics class I learned many things. I’ve learned several things about Kinematics, the study of motion. I’ve learned about the importance of velocity and gravity of objects and how it affects them. During our studies of kinematics I learned several formulas that have helped me find out what the velocity, time, distance traveled, etc. of an object. I only found one thing difficult during this class. I found memorizing the formulas and what they are used for. After a while though, I memorized the formulas and figured out when and where to use them. I learned a great deal about problem solving. I would usually use trial and error for homework and would learn from my mistakes while doing that. I have problems with trig and FBDs, my strengths are freefall, velocity and acceleration, as well as anything that deals with velocity and position.

I’ve made a few connections with what we learned about inertia during this first trimester. I learned that objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless a force is applied to them. A connection is a person in a car. The seat prevents the person from staying at rest, because without the seat the person would fly to the back of the car. Also if the person does not wear their seat belt and they were to crash they would probably fly out the windshield (not counting that the airbag my stop them) because of inertia.

I am sorry that I was unable to post this earlier my internet has been having problems, my conection keeps on failing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garfield Explains Free Fall

(click comic to enlarge)
I used Professor Garfield's Comic Lab:
Then to edit text I used photoshop elements.
I edited the formulas because on the Comic Lab the symbols would apear as: □ (boxes)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making My Blog

My first Wordle